Intelligent Investment Research For Value Investors

Sophisticated and easy to understand institution-grade stock research tools that allow you to invest like a pro.

Find hidden investment opportunities

Access organized actionable data at your fingertips

Make confident data-driven decisions

Stay current on business fundamentals

Scientific investing doesn’t have to be complex

Risk Return

Quickly discern the risk – return profile of stocks in relation to the market (S&P 500).


Determine fair value using a combination of cashflow and comparative valuations as well as analyst opinions.

Business Fundamentals

Compare any stock’s historical financial performance with the market (S&P 500) in one glance.

Revenue Forecasts

Anticipate future revenue and earnings performance by leveraging our forecasting models.


Decide if the stock is overbought by aggregating feedback from 24 technical indicators.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand market perception by deciphering media sentiment across multiple news articles.

Market pulse index

Ever wonder if the market is overpriced? We do too. Our market pulse index is a sentiment tool that blends signals across seven different indicators to determine if the market is optimistic or pessimistic.

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Strong Buy Stocks

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Trusted by investors worldwide

Pasha Mehran

Head of dark kitchens, Uber EatsValue Investor

As a value investor, I love the high quality and unemotional research that Finexy provides. The visual representation makes it easy to research multiple stocks without number fatigue. I use Finexy as a starting point to validate stocks trending on twitter and reddit.

Rob Phipps

Loan manager, Christian RobertsGrowth Investor

The modern alternative to traditional research tools that are available on most brokerage sites. The site strips down mountains of data to get to what really matters. The site is ad-free and provides great visuals on complex data. A product that is intuitive, accessible to everyone, including first-time investors.

Jake Rosquist

Real-estate broker, Convoy HomesMomentum Investor

Finexy is brilliant! The site breaks down complex data into easy to understand visual analysis and provides a simple "buy" or "sell" rating. It used to take me hours of research to find high quality stocks but this product cuts that time very significantly. Finexy has also helped me eliminate non-performing stocks from my portfolio, which has probably saved me thousands. Not bad for a new site.

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