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About Finexy

About Finexy

Finexy wants to democratize access to financial analysis so individual investors can quickly research stocks without having to spend hours reading financial statements and learning about financial analysis of stocks. Finexy wants to perfect the art of investment research so individual investors can make disciplined and long-term investments in quality companies.

Finexy is a suite of easy to understand, portfolio management and stock research tools that allows investors to discover investment candidates based on specific investment criteria, conduct financial analysis on stocks, model portfolios, and make objective investment decisions.

Companies like robinhood have democratized access to stock market investing. However, lack of research tools and inconsistent investment methodologies force investors to rely on speculative sentiment-based investing and word of mouth recommendations to identify investment candidates. Our goal is to make fundamental analysis and consistent quality research accessible to everyone so we can all make sound long-term investments.

Finexy is not a broker dealer. Nor is Finexy an investment advisor. We are not able to look at an individual’s specific financial situation and provide investment advice customized to that individual. However, we do make an attempt to gauge an individual’s risk tolerance and return expectations with the intention of providing the user with a starting point for their research. All information on Finexy is meant to be informational and should not be treated as a substitute for the investor’s own due diligence. Use this site in tandem with your own research process.

Finexy is built by portfolio managers, financial and equity analysts, stock researchers, and talented developers with diverse experience in fintech services. We are well-versed in machine learning, product automation, big data, and financial analysis.

No. Finexy is a publisher of financial information and analysis on over 7k stocks within the US market. Our tools are designed to help you accelerate your research and develop a framework for investing that extends beyond sentiment-based investing. This is not meant to be a substitute for your own research.

Our competitors charge considerable amount of money for reliable institution-grade research. However Finexy is free for Basic plan subscribers. We also have paid subscription plans that provide access to more tools and personalized portfolio builder and optimizer. This allows us to power our platform so we can invest in building high-quality research tools that demonstrably amplifies your stock portfolio’s performance –instead of filling up your screen with ads or selling your personal information. However, you can always continue to access Finexy for free under the Basic subscription plan. We appreciate your participation in our community.

Research an individual stock

Quickly determine the instability of stock based on its financial health, historical performance, future expectations, and market sentiment.

    Find investment opportunities

    Use our pre-defined set of screeners to find stocks that meet generally accepted criteria that many pros use to identify opportunities or define you own using our common filters.

      Build an intelligent portfolio with your favorite stocks

      Have a few stocks in mind but not sure how much of each stock to buy? This is the tool for you. Use our portfolio advisor tool, which based on nobel-prize winning research, to build a portfolio that maximizes your returns for the risk you assume.

        Get a feel for investor sentiment here

        Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. Sage words from the Oracle of Omaha(Warren Buffett). But how do you determine if the market is greedy of fearful? That's where Finexy's market pulse comes in.

          Find companies based on their product lifecycle

          Want to capitalize on a company's growth? Want to invest in companies with mature business models and predictable revenues? Our business cycle tool allows you to quickly find companies in different stages of their product life cycle.